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#11 Feb 10, 2017 10:57 pm


Re: U.S. deFacto President!

Slice wrote:

Maybe they contributed, but the fiasco was well managed by the Republican Party. Lets face it apart from the electoral college the popular vote spat him out like the fur ball he is.

I always thought it was Ed Zachary... wink

"Ah tink even the Republican are in ah state of shock, that he is really the president.  The news folks keep wondering, when the Republican party go start running away from Trump."  My take they ent going anyway.  They are stuck.

They must know choose between Trump and America.  Lets see way they turning.

I think the Whole World is in shock that he is the President..... Possibly including Trump himself.

I bet he just thought he would stick it to the system, and then get kicked off.... but his numskull grabbing smart arsed name calling got him further than he expected.

He has already got us 5 minutes away from War with the Chinese over their one China policy. The Chinese top brass couldn't lose face with the masses. Lets see who he can piss off next.


#12 Feb 10, 2017 11:04 pm

Real Distwalker

Re: U.S. deFacto President!

It was reported today that he promised Xi in a phone call that he would continue to support the One China policy.  The status quo is about the best possible scenario for Taiwan.  That means Trump's flirtation with Taiwan was short and sweet.

I am guessing the clown is discovering that the real world is quite different from the fantasy he had.


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