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#31 Oct 18, 2018 7:11 pm

Mary Seacole/deportees

Re: Judge Kavanaugh and BEER.

Dancer wrote:

Ok  ,  the Judge loves a lot of beer.
That's ok.
But  I must say this  .... his YALE classmates are gossips. Lord !
Can't shut their mouths for a second.
Jesus. lol.

Generally speaking rumours are worst when a lie is believed and twisted to the detriment of the innocents
We are living In a dangerous world where people destroys people in the daylight
They gossip because it's the order of the day.  It's more for laughter .
It brings birds of a feather closer for a laugh. A person!!! could be in a room full of people and still feel lonely  hmmm??? so pathetic and sad .
The World is lonley  beleving lies and rumour spreading is a way of belonging  in a certain group 
Some people laugh at things they should never laugh at  Instead of finding the real truth.
I was not there I don't know if this public News playing out on my TV is true or false ?
God don't like ugly.

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