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#11 Oct 25, 2018 6:20 pm


Re: Vets Descend on Grenada

Slice wrote:

Listen Grenada is ah sexy place with lots of potential.  I love it, but the growth is not there. Ah swear Grenada has some of the best restaurant in the world and the food is real good.  They are so friendly, that ah got sick of them, but ah quickly realize, that is who they are.  The beaches are so damn sexy it is crazy. Sometimes at 10 am in the morning ah few of us meet on Grand Anse beach and have ah real sweet time.  Many times ah feel asleep on  in my living room with the doors and windows wide open.

Every body brings stuff to you. Mangoes, Pawpaw, what so ever is in season, you will have it for free.  Ah went to Expat house one time to get some eggs; before ah left ah had some of the sweetest Julie mangos in the entire world.  Thanks to Expat wife.

The place is real nice, but the govermnet can and should do much more to help out its people. You see folks like RD and GMW, that have monies, they will have a real good in Grenada.  The place is sweet like ah Sugar Apple if you have ah few bucks.

BTW, GMW  Ah ent sure if you know me cousin Sugar Boy.  He use to hang in your bar.  He also use to run that bar thing in Requine (sp) Junction.  Well he died. You know why he died Dancer? Because lack of Medical  for these poor Grenadian.

Listen Dancer ah was ah king in Grenada and loved every minute of it, but I will be foolish if I did see that Grenadians were suffering.

It so happened, that I met two folks from America and one from Canada; when, we were hanging especially on the weekend we were stumbling and pushing folks side, because we all wanted to pay for every round of drink.  Most were for the locals.

And don't worry, I will catch you, but I will not stop you paying for the drinks.... I have learned a thing or two since being here..... smile


#12 Oct 26, 2018 7:57 am


Re: Vets Descend on Grenada

Man you are the man in Grenada.  I totally respect the Grenadian in you.


#13 Oct 26, 2018 8:53 am


Re: Vets Descend on Grenada

Oh , oh , Watch it Slice.   ..... You have to learn when you are a just come back.  (JCB )

Early at the 'sports bar' .... rum shop.   ....... You buy a bottle of some thing ( Rivers) put it on the table , with some ice  and plastic cups.

You would be good to go ... reputation assured.   ( not a cent more) lol.
Sit there for an hour or so .... Slice  is cool , would be the mantra.


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