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#1 Nov 08, 2018 8:27 pm

New Historian

A Tobago Cays Timetable

Y'all ever been sailing? For sheer relaxation, there's nothing better. You can hire a yacht complete with Captain and first mate to do the actual sailing, and for 2 or 3 couples it's remarkably cheap - no hotels needed!

A Tobago Cays Timetable:   

Dawn: Absolute tranquility. Masts swaying in the swell.  Clear and quiet, except for the drone of waves on Horseshoe Reef.

Ten o’clock: Arrival of the Big Cats (catamarans), laden with pale day trippers: fun-loving, sun-seeking, snorkelling, boozing, barbecuing.  Noise level increases.

Lunch: Boats leaving, boats arriving, all searching for that perfect anchorage.  Speedboats whizzing from yacht to yacht, selling all kinds of everything.

Four o’clock: Departure of the Big Cats.  All quiet again.  Last stragglers leave, perhaps to spend a night at Saltwhistle Bay or scoot down to Union before dusk.

Sunset: Quiet time.  Relax.  Searching for the green flash.

Dusk: Absolute stillness, clang-clang of halyard against mast. A cup of wine, cold Carib and contemplation. These are the times we love sailing.

Evening:  Cooking smells on the wind. Dinghy traffic between boats as sailing partners team up or new friends are made. The sounds of cooking and companionship as night descends on the Cays.

Bunk by ten: For the deepest, dreamiest of sleeps.


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