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#1 Feb 16, 2017 8:42 am


Twitler's Squad hits Kings County this morning

Caribbean communities in NY has been bombarded by Twitler's forces in recent days. It's quite unsettling. Just got a call from someone at Kins County Hospital. They're upending everyone from children to grannies. I was stopped whir turning on a red light yesterday.

I really have to believe that folks around here, especially those with Caribbean roots, didn't realize that when Trump was dangling all these racist theories from birtherism to walls they didn't realize he would be harassing the caribbean community ala nazi germany. Then again we have become so selfish and self destructive that we seem not to acre what atrocities are committed against our families as longs as we are individually spared.

Sadly it's gonna get worse.


#2 Feb 16, 2017 9:59 am


Re: Twitler's Squad hits Kings County this morning

Ah just hope you have you papers.  The English speaking Caribbean I know nothing about.  I don't know how they voted.  Listening to Talk radio, it seems they hate everything about The Donald.  They ent as hypocrite as Latinos and African-Americans.

So some 35 years ago, less than two weeks after I came to America, I was stopped by ah Baltimore City Cop, as soon as he hear my accent, he immediately  ask to see my papers.  I showed him my Green card, and ah was good.  Now that can't happen no more the Baltimore city government put ah stop to that.  City police can not ask anyone for papers.

Maybe New York should do what Maryland is doing.  The dems up here are making the state Trump proof.  If most of what he is trying to do takes effect, Maryland will be exempt.  Plenty opposition from the Republican governor, but he ent have much power against them in the Upper and Lower house here.

Baltimore city is very friendly towards immigrants.  They lost ah bunch of their population, so they encouraging foreigners to help the city grow.


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