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#1 Feb 12, 2017 6:27 pm

Mt Rich Possi

Trinida Soca... Crazy... Donald & Hillary...


#2 Feb 13, 2017 8:36 am


Re: Trinida Soca... Crazy... Donald & Hillary...

This is the first time ah hear this one, from me boy crazy.  Ah like it doh. 

Well ah wonder if Expat, Vanni and RD go get the point here.

Any all fours player should get it.


#3 Feb 17, 2017 8:39 am


Re: Trinida Soca... Crazy... Donald & Hillary...

Hope that with my having to practice 4 languages a day, I got it as well as I can smile Love it ... really love it.

We do not have the overview - nor the view of the higher aspects of events. All we can do is hope that things don't happen by chance nor error.

I understand this as opportunities for awakening for us. Opportunities for us to stop trusting blindly any self-appointed authority of any kind. If not fully grasp, at least to have a sense of something beyond appearances. And the absolute will to respond from our higher nature.

Major times of opportunities to definitively neutralise and leave behind what has been the main issue and exhausting exercise of our humanity: violence in its many forms, including conquest, domination, exploitation, abuse of any kind, and some even speak of engineered poverty, starvation and epidemics.

So, major times for taking our oath to nonviolence and harmlessness, taking our oath to devote ourselves to our higher nature, to devote ourselves and serve the Sacred, universal love, light, and radiate, unconditionally.

This is the most efficient transformer for this reality, of which more and more of us have had enough more than we could express it into words! A reality which leaves many of us in despair to ever see better days. And yet, these better days are the consequence of our transforming ourselves.

Understanding that only through such an individual initiative, only through such a quality and attitude can we reach definitive solutions to problems which all have their origin in violence, abuse, manipulation, lying, exploitation, lovelessness, total depreciation of the more gentle and sacred spirit and soul qualities.

Understanding that whenever we respond from the higher in us, it enters into resonance universally with the same quality, amplifies it, which, by its divine nature, is infinitely more powerful than anything less, and affects, beyond our microcosm, the rest of the Universe - Life Itself. And brings miraculous solutions to problems we would not have known how to handle.

Despite appalling appearances, may I repeat myself and say that my feeling is that we are in time of birthing as individuals, which ensues into birthing into a new reality. It requires from us truly our utter best will, and putting it into action in as many circumstances as possible. Finding no more excuse to stoop at the level where we are getting grabbed and aggressed, and free ourselves by a burst of light.

This is not about a new religion. With yet another intermediate to bow before: it's about inner guidance and universal spirituality, which we share with whoever else of a similar level in the Universe.

We just need to grasp the opportunity which is being presented in a wrapping which is not even appealing to us to wipe ourselves after merditation!

We are the difference. Ever more of us are becoming aware of it and start putting it into action: it can only bring the solutions and irreversible transformation we so desire and need.

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#4 Feb 17, 2017 12:37 pm


Re: Trinida Soca... Crazy... Donald & Hillary...

Vanni, maybe I am wrong, but I think is folks are just fed-up.  The first strong message came when Obama was first elected.  They saw Obama as an agent of change and that did not happen.

The second message came from the Brexit vote and now Trump.

Hillary laser focus on blacks and Latinos did not help either.

White Americans started asking what about us? Now we have Trump.


#5 Feb 17, 2017 2:27 pm


Re: Trinida Soca... Crazy... Donald & Hillary...

I think that there are things going on beyond appearances.

Brexit? Is the European Community really about what it claims to be? How desperate are some leaders behaving right now? If it would be about the common good, would they be behaving that way?

People may not know exactly why they are voting away from Europe, nor why they voted Hillary off - and God knows it was not an easy thing, because the alternative was not the most attractive one. But, should there be any truth to the new world order, then Brexit starts looking differently. Same for Hillary. Which does not mean that xenophobia and racism are not still an issue to be resolved. But those two votes are not all about that, maybe. Hopefully. And hopefully, there is a guidance despite appearances.

Again, I wish there would have been another candidate. But maybe have we avoided something rather evil by "losing" Hillary? I mean even worse than Trump? It may have been propaganda against propaganda, but maybe one was containing more truth than was admitted and appeared.

There is a truth. And we are entitled to it. And we are ever closer to getting it officially delivered to us, if we may have denied the alternative sources. And it may shake the foundations of a lot of us, even of those who think they know what it is and believe they are ready to hear it.

It's the last rush for a ruling elite which, for historical times, has been thriving on exploiting us through our lower nature and on deception. And we may moan, but we are supportive whenever we are acting in violence. However, the weariness and outrage in our humanity is revealing about the necessity of concluding this whole exercise. Time for us to change gear upwards. Which is going to allow a much more peaceful and fulfilling life for all.

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