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#11 Dec 19, 2018 9:18 pm


Re: Doctors are killing you

Expat wrote:
Slice wrote:

Expat ah wanna know if ah read you correct, you mention in one of post, that the standard Blood Pressure reading in Europe is 150 over something.  My questions to you is, why the different range?  Do the drug companies in Europe, have the same influence, as they do in America?

If me BP get to 150, ah immediately start to panic, but according to Europe, nothing to panic about.

I believe Germany in particular has had that kind of figure for a long time, I am not too sure about the UK, I think but don't know that they still run on 120/80

But although it might not yet be accepted universally in America I believe your 8th committee has gone for the 150 something as being normal now as well.... meaning drug companies have been making billions for the past God knows how long on the whim of a committee.

It depends what you are doing when your pressure reads 150, if you are in bed first thing in the morning, then maybe that is elevated, if it is last thing at night and you are thumbing through old copies of Men Only it might be ok.

I just took mine and it was 120/74, but has been up to 140/90, and down to 95/50. Your BP is adaptive.

BP is not normally taken the correct way anyway. You should sit quietly for about 10 minutes diaphragm breathing to get a good oxygen circulation, then take the reading. Breathing correctly using your diaphragm instead of just your rib cage will bring your pressure down anyway.

Just as checking for diabetes... for the longest time it was 115 I think it was was the cut off for pre diabetes, now it is 100, so people that were deemed to be OK, are now pre-diabetic. My wife fell into that category, and funny I had been telling her she was pre-diabetic for about 10 years with one of her symptoms, and the doctors kept on saying no she was fine.... and now....... I have bullied her into eating more vegetables, and less heavy root starches, no bread, and little or no rice, and her reading is in the none diabetic zone now. Dr Expat rules... OK.

"I just took mine and it was 120/74, but has been up to 140/90, and down to 95/50. 
Your BP is adaptive."

You are right about that. Proper breathing and ambient conditions can effect readings drastically. Mine can range from 154/93 to 113/74 and 118/80.
Read that 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar can reduce BP readings immediately.


#12 Dec 19, 2018 9:44 pm

New Historian

Re: Doctors are killing you

What's the perfect pressure? 120 over 80? Whatever it is I always have it, thank my lucky star. Even in those periods when I've had PLENTY of reasons to have elevated blood pressure, it always stays the same, just chugging along...

THANK you, whoever, whatever, wherever "You" are!


#13 Dec 21, 2018 12:47 pm


Re: Doctors are killing you

Funny enough often times it is because you are dehydrated that you store water, often in the legs, which gives swollen ankles and the like.   Drink more and the body will recognise it doesn't need to hold on to it, and the swelling will go down.

Glad Dr B is making sense to some.


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