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#11 Mar 12, 2019 7:01 pm


Re: Brandy Recommendations

Dancer wrote:
Calypso wrote: … w95587433m

Men, I've just discovered a wonderful Brandy. Aged for only 5 years. It is very interesting. Buy it and enjoy.


What's up Calypso  ?   Famous yet ? How is it going  , Great , good .
I happen to hear  some one   mention  Claude McKay ,  one of your favorite  writer/poet  on the radio  the  other day.
I Thought of you.

Hey  I just finished reading , 'Girl Gone ' a best seller by Gillian Flynn. 2012.
I thought of you again . 2

Still wanting to be 'bad' READ it and get some lessons from Amy. lol

Anyhow be good .

Hey People.

Saw you at The Hague. Did your read my short story? Anthurium Magazine.


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