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#1 Apr 01, 2019 2:24 pm

New Historian

The jet that was hijacked twice

In 1981, the pride of the small African nation of Swaziland was a brand-new jet airplane. Fokker F28, 3D-ALN, which bore its Royal Swazi Airlines colours with style. Based at Matsapha International Airport in Swaziland, it flew regional scheduled services. It became an aircraft of distinction when it was involved in not one but TWO hijackings.

In the first hijacking incident, the plane was chartered for a trip from South Africa to the Seychelles, carrying 43 mercenaries led by the infamous “Mad” Mike Hoare, travelling as visiting rugby fans but who had been paid to assassinate President Albert Rene and take over the island.  On arrival an alert Seychelles Customs officer spotted a dismantled AK-47 in one of the “rugby players” bags, and a panicky gunfire broke out in the Customs Hall. The confused mercenaries promptly hijacked a transiting Air India 707 and left for Durban.

The second incident occurred in 1993 en route from Maputo to Matsapha. A gun-wielding passenger demanded to be flown to Australia. On arrival in Johannesburg shots were exchanged wounding a pilot and a passenger before security personnel overwhelmed the hijacker. Some crew members had been involved in both incidents. Proudly bearing patches covering its bullet wounds the aircraft subsequently flew with Swazi Airlink and spent time in Congo before ending its days as a neglected hulk at Lanseria Airport in South Africa. It deserved a better ending. … craft.html



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Re: The jet that was hijacked twice

NH, Just in case you feel the need to dive into your historic database I thought I would give you a help out..... Bump    tongue

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