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#1 Apr 07, 2019 8:55 am



IT CAME CLOSE. Replied to Email, I thought was from Dell for an extension of my services. almost gave up information, I should not of given up. When they ask for Social Security number I started to tink, but wait Dell should have that information.  I say wait ah minute leh me call you back.  I then called Dell and they said Mr Greenidge, you have until 2021, that mail was not from us.  Sheet they were  very close to cleaning out my Dell credit card.

Right after me surgery someone called pretending, they were from my insurance.  I thought she was looking out for me health so ah gave up all kinda of information.  Then she made another mistake and asked for my SS number.  Then ah pause and say, leh me call you back.  I never did.  Later I started getting messages from friends in New York.  One message even congratulated me as ah Grenadain, that Mr Killa won the International Road march in Trini. Then ah ask ah simple question about the text,  my friend could not answer.

From that day up to now ah get all kinda phone calls from all over the world, about five times a day. The length folks go too, to try and rip you off. So if allyu see any kind ah message from me, please think it might not be me.


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