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#11 May 01, 2019 11:20 am

New Historian

Re: Sir Alister McIntyre: Grenadian/Caribbean Scholar Has Passed On

Jeez Calypso completely hijack the post with her irrelevant race rant, we talking about a Caribbean intellectiuall giant who just passed and she's harping on about her pet peeve. Not EVERYTHING is about race you know.

Back to the subject at hand: "Ali-Mac" made great contributions to the economic development of the Caribbean - and to the UWI, my alma. In the seventies he advised the socialist Manley government about the Bauxite Levy, which put a heavy tax on the foreign mining companies - and also drove many of them away lol. It took me quite a while to find and buy his book, but sadly it didn't make for riveting reading - very dry. But still, rest well Sir AliMac!


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