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#11 May 04, 2019 6:22 am


Re: New Historian

I have to disagree with you  New historian , about wise women and wisdom (your take )  and that people don't change , but they can adapt.
Sure people can adapt if they want to keep a job , a roof over their heads , a man ,a woman - - but that's not fixing .
> and if she loves you , she had better get it straight or I am out the door . <
No, no , no, New Historian , blackmail is not love.
You have to fix yourself , so that the act of closing a toilet seat says something beyond  " I am the Master of this house."

.... and New Historian in your upcoming son's nuptials  don't say that shite   >>>>> The wise woman will give you a hard time ....
and will only drive you away if she tries too hard ......  <<<<

when I read your 'fixing' thing- I remember growing up and a common refrain .
******* I gine  go  home and throw some licks on this woman's ass. ****   1920 thinking NH. They locking one up these days. For that  lol.
Fix  ourselves .

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