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#11 May 06, 2019 10:57 pm


Re: The usual

Dancer wrote:

Posting on the Talk Shop , (  TO ME  ... From the beginning )  has little to do with others.

What does Talk Shop mean , anyhow , GOSSIP  ,    ..... not to me .

I love expressing myself  , ( off the wall sometimes, but ain't it good for you ?  lol )

NOW .... like you houston  , you are expressing yourself .... in this post.

..... I notice you like / liked the TO Sun.newspaper ..... I could pass it  99% of the time.... too Rt wing pour moi. lo.

But now I see some National post. OK. lol.

Anyhow houston Dancer is a sort of different drummer . Who knows no one on Talk Shop , some people think I do . WRONG !
What I like  ,  is to make people think.  ..... whoever you may be.

So What's up houston .... today is going to be ,  bright , warm and sunny ....A BBQ ?

....... Ps. Slice used to show up every day ,  maybe he is having 'troubles'  dese days. ( troubles = woman)
Be a man . lo.
Slice forget the 'troubles' and playing to the Jones

Dancer, don't get to excited about the Sun, it no doubt has a right wing slant.
The National Post is a fair paper with fair journalist that write fair and objective stories. Very rare in this age of twisted news.


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