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#1 Jun 07, 2019 8:04 am


BLAME Webmaster

I thought the Webmaster was doing a terrific job until ICC World Cup .   ....  Not a heads up for Spice islanders.

Yes , people  RIGHT now in England it is happening .   ..... " BUT not a peep from Webmaster."  ..." he/she is a Greer right ? " I see , I see . Cricket hater..... that is so sad.

The West Indies cricket team , playing not too bad at all. UNTIL yesterday.
Australia beat us by 15 runs.
WHY.... The Umpires missed a glaringly over the crease NO BALL  to Christ Gale and cause us to lose .
Theifing from we.

"" If  I did not make a call to the island , I would still be in the dark about scores.""
' Webmaster  ,, ok , ok , You are forgiven. This time.


I forgot to lay some blame on GRIPE .... all Gripe wants is soccer. smh.

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#2 Jun 16, 2019 10:38 am


Re: BLAME Webmaster

England beat West Indies on Friday by 8 wickets......  WI bowling not up to scratch.
   TODAY  .... India and Pakistan Playing .... India 336 ..... Pakistan  0 ... rain delay.......     

webmaster !!!


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