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#1 Aug 24, 2019 5:17 pm


Missing the music

The kids of the 1950's sure did shake things up musically. They then graduated into the wonderful new music of the 60's. The young adults that survived that era then went on to witness their kids enjoy the music of the 70's. The best decade of musical talent in a century.
Then came the electronic 80's.
What happened when we entered the 90's?
Where did the creative talent of writing, singing and the mastering of an instrument go?


#2 Aug 24, 2019 6:16 pm


Re: Missing the music

Electronics has put "music" into the hands of the simpleton.

When I was a kid... a very long time ago as we know.... I assisted, and to be honest actually did most of the editing of the sound track of some health and safety films the Great Western Railway were having made. My father being a Manager in the Civil Engineering dept. At that time partially sighted, so he couldn't manipulate the equipment the way a clued up kid could.

To create the tracks involved stop watches, two stereo reel to reel tape recorders, Record deck, Amps, mikes, a small mixing machine, and a lot of skill to make "silent" joins in the tapes. this magnetic sound track was then mastered to the video so it played on a 32mm cine player.

Now all of that could be done with a cheap video recorder, and an app on your computer. By a 10 year old with no training.

Same applies to music, remastering, pre recorded licks, and 10 a penny recording studios. I am going to be more offensive than usual... I know that takes some doing, but the "local" music here is the worst example of no skill, no brains, and no application. There is a sequence to the "music" that they know catches the crowd, and just about all the tunes follow the same pattern, mostly involving repeat after repeat of the same chorus with little substance to the main lyric. It's a cynical rip off of the public who being exposed to the same crap all the time think it is great stuff, but it required zero thinking, to listen to, and jump and shuffle to the same backing track with an extra couple of chords that some of the other tunes haven't used.


#3 Aug 24, 2019 6:40 pm

New Historian

Re: Missing the music

I'm still getting to grips with the "clued up kid" part! smile

The biggest killer of music is the electronic drum machine, alas the poor drummy! In fact most local "music" is produced without a single live musician.


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