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#11 Aug 29, 2019 1:55 pm

New Historian

Re: Does Grenada have too many foreigners?

Slice wrote:
New Historian wrote:

I used to say that one good thing about Grenada was that the government takes a fairly relaxed view to granting visas and work permits to foreigners, it gives the place a cosmopolitan feel - plus some nice restaurants! But now I'm beginning to wonder: have we gone overboard with our welcome mat? Lately I see an awful lot of foreigners doing jobs that I'm sure could be filled by Grenadians, sometimes the chief attribute of a foreigner is his/her foreigness, and that I find difficult to take.

Now don't get all riled up Expat, I'm not talking about people like you who have a justifiable claim through marriage or whatever. I'm talking about people who flatter to deceive, who do "ordinary" work, and who are basically just carpetbaggers.

Every other nation is closing its doors - should ours remain open?

Here is what scares the daylight outa me, it is the amount of Medical personal from Nigeria that are practicing some kinda ah medicine.  Went to this Nigerian Docs office with me uncle, and ah looking on his wall to see if he is ah real doc, and all ah see is that he completed ah six weeks heart training course at SGU.  I became even more scared with he prescribe a number of medication for me uncle, without one Medical test.

Come on Slice you can't be stereotyping people like that, the exact same thing could be said of any black doctor in USA/UK back in the dark days. A good doctor can figure out what generally is wrong with you without a million tests like they do in USA, which 90% of the time is just for malpractice prevention and spreading the money around.


#12 Aug 30, 2019 7:53 am


Re: Does Grenada have too many foreigners?

None of my doctors here, and ah mean none has prescribe drugs for me without first testing me to see what ah got.  I just will not take those drugs. Look there is this American urologist, in Greenz, that I do not think is real, me Good PADNAH in Greenz is about to die because this doc, had no idea what he was doing, but lord them Africans take the cake in Grenada. Yep and they all tink Grenadians are stupid.  How about the dentist that was charge for faking his credentials?  How about the Cuban ambassador, that is saying most Prostate cancer  patience, that are sent to Cuba do not have cancer?


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