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#1 Sep 12, 2019 9:51 am


EXPRESS YOURSELF - Charles Wright + the WATTS 103 Street Rhythm Band

Knocking around the seventies and thing , here is a hit tune that helped with Black is beautiful coming out. (explosion, pride and afroes. )

.........  Good to shake your booty to  too. lo

Express yourself !
Express Yourself !
You don't ever need help from nobody else , all you got to do now
Express Yourself!

Whatever you do , do it good
Whatever you do , do it good , all right

Its not what you look like , when you are doing 'A'
What you're doing 'A'
Its what you are doing 'A'
When you are doing 'A'
What you look like - you're doing 'A'

Express Yourself
Express yourself

They're doing  'A' it on the moon , yeah
In the jungle too
Everybody on the floor now
Jumping 'A' like a Kangaroo
So let the horns do the thing they do . Yo

Some people have everything , other people don't
But everything don't mean a thing, if it ain't 'A' the thing you want

Express yourself !
Express yourself !

Do it to it, go on do it , Do it good.
Go on do it.


#2 Sep 13, 2019 9:10 am


Re: EXPRESS YOURSELF - Charles Wright + the WATTS 103 Street Rhythm Band

Tidying up , beginning of September , nights getting colder.  Prepare for the winter , 15 degrees in the morning reminds you.
Chores outside getting done ,  putting  away things.  Hanging  up my bike , tossing some old clothes , BBQs time limited. lo
Go on one  last trip , I promised Montreal , I promised - VIA Rail  next week .
Yesterday was music . Albums  from my college days  and since.       .....  Albums that are 'BOSS" if i might say so.
Dub , .... some of the baddest.
Mr Magic ..... Grover Washington
The World is a Ghetto ...... WAR.  ( Still great after 40 years
Isley brothers ,,,, Crusaders ,,,
Sonny Rollins .. I heard him one night studying for this exam in NYC , bought the BRIDGE two days after.
Oh , music is all around.  What a re-find . If I must say so . lo.
Albums great condition.
Will buy a new record player/turntable. (they are back)

Relax , listen to some music.  ( I shied away from posting u-tube music etc ) but after  hearing some  great albums again !! Gotta share.


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