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#1 Oct 06, 2019 11:42 am

New Historian

Qatar World Cup 2022: TAKE IT AWAY!!

Re the Forthcoming Fiasco of World Cup Qatar: TAKE IT AWAY!

Let's talk about traveling fans: FIFA has confirmed that 7.7 million people visited Russia for WC 2018 - THAT'S SEVEN POINT SEVEN million, up from 5.2 million fans who went to Brazil 2014. And yet the next edition of the World's Favourite Cup will be played in Qatar, a country of 285,000 people. The same as Barbados. Can you imagine 7.7 million people in Barbados? Of course not, so World Cup fans you can forget about going to Qatar 2022, the place ain't big enough!

Let's talk about stadia (yes stadia lol): Here's a list of existing football stadia in Qatar - they're tiny! Apart from the National Stadium and one more, they all hold 12-15,000 people max. Ah says Qatar, but we're building new ones, super-duper air conditioned ones. Yes they are, 6 of them currently being built. By virtual slave labour who die by the dozens. Qatar's existing stadia have a capacity of 220,000, whereas there are 320,000 of new stadia under construction, for a country of 280,000 people. Al Khor, who currently play in front of 12,000 people, will inherit a 60,000-seat stadium, so they'll also be playing in a seemingly empty stadium in the future.

Let's talk about heat: The ongoing Debacle at Doha is a clear indication of what's to come: athletes struggling to catch their breath, dying in the heat - one THIRD of the women's marathon runners failed to finish, and that's starting at midnight! Ah but they're building air-conditioned stadia, yes but what about when they're away from the a/c? The body simply cannot recover fast enough in that heat to play 7 games in a month. And what about the fans, those few lucky - and rich - enough to make it to Qatar? Will booze be freely available? Will women be freely allowed? And isn't Qatar under all kinds of world sanctions right now? So again, we're headed for fantastic sporting performances, in empty stadia. Have they yet made the decision to have it in "winter", and disrupt the entire European season? Oh sure it'll be "cool" in Qatar in January, it'll be like the the fella said to me as I got off the plane in Sudan once, in a blast of hot air: "Ah it's a cool day today, only 40!"

And last but by no means least, let's talk about corruption: Everyone knows how Qatar got the Cup, let's not beat about the bush: they paid for it - both on the table and under it. F*ck the fans, f*ck the footballers, it's all about the Benjamins baby, all about the bucks. This is obscene! How much money, energy and carbon dioxide (in a tip to Greta) is being WASTED on building these super-stadia which forever remain as empty monuments to Qatar's ego, like Ozymandias? This is totally opposite to the ethos of "the beautiful game" - repeat: this is obscene!

It's not too late, give it to England, France, America, give it anywhere, but just : TAKE IT AWAY!!






#2 Oct 06, 2019 5:41 pm


Re: Qatar World Cup 2022: TAKE IT AWAY!!

Now I was all ready to nod sagely and say NH is on the ball, and well you may be with respect to some of the points like stadium size and the heat, and probably the corruption.... who knows, I aint in their business.

But size matters, despite most women will try to make you feel good until they split with you.

And Qatar may have a small population, but they have roughly 11,200 sq kilometers more than Barbados, and probably MOST of those Qatarians are loaded with money, only importing sub Saharans and Philippinas to do their dirty work.

They have the dosh, they will build bigger Stadiums.  They will build hotels, they will supply air conditioned buses.


#3 Oct 06, 2019 9:10 pm

New Historian

Re: Qatar World Cup 2022: TAKE IT AWAY!!

You can build all the super stadia and swanky hotels you like, the place cannot accommodate anywhere near the likely quantity of people who'd WANT to go. Think those swanky hotels cheap? This is going to be an elitist made-for-TV World Cup. Sad. Sell out of the Beautiful Game.


#4 Oct 07, 2019 10:05 am


Re: Qatar World Cup 2022: TAKE IT AWAY!!

Lol .. Shades of Cricket World cup  in the West Indies.   Stadiums all over the place.
A brand new Stadium in Gree . What is it used for ? Nothing ?  sad ,lol

But why Qator.  .....and even where ? 
Ok  ......    the Kingdom Loaded with cash ,  'little'  people ,  and having more  land , than they know what to do with

PROBLEM Solved  :: Let them build 'top of the hill' stadiums all over  and make Qatar  home of the Olympics.
That should stop the bankrupting of countries hosting   The Olympics Games.


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