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#11 Nov 07, 2019 8:34 pm


Re: Wray and Nephew

Slice wrote:

Hey Wray and Nephew just got 63% Alcoholic volume, they do not have the proof.  Both Clarkes Court and Rivers have the proof, but not that stinky Wray and Nephew.

Unless you want to kiss your liver goodbye the lower % has to be better for you.... right?

I am glad to say I only "taste" the rum nowadays, had I continued as I did in my 30's I would be like those rum suckers at the local bar.

I have drunk excessive amounts of Wray, and Clarke's, but not in close proximity to each other so I can't remember if the Wray was as rough as the Clarke's, but I don't think it was, Clarke's is like paint stripper.

I drank a shot and chase of Clarke's in every shop from Westerhall to Grand Etang, and then around 6 shots up at the centre with a Bajaan, I used to enjoy chucking the shot, and waiting until the bar keeps eyes almost popped out of their head before drinking the chaser. I had no problem riding the bus back to town whereas normally my knees would have been embedded in the spine of the person in front.

While I was up at the lake I walked from the centre to the lake, stiff as a soldier while I was in view, and then staggering from side to side when out of view breathily saying " I am as drunk as a skunk and I don't care".

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