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#11 Mar 08, 2017 10:38 am


Re: I don't believe in open marriages...

Slice wrote:

Leh me give you ah story.  While in Grenada, in October of last year, ah went to Hardware store.  So as soon as ah walk in, me eye caught this young sexy thing, but me son and ah PADNAH was with me so ah saying.  Ah was pretending ah was not even paying her attention. Anyway one of me phone ring; so, ah answer it.  When the sexy young thing see me phone, she immediately came over and started speaking to me.

Before you know it,  she ask me to pick her up, at the end of her shift.  That is the end of my story.

I believe This is  what happened the beginning of your story she told you she will like you to visit her but there is no electricity and gas in the house. Then she said she will like to buy a bottle of provocative Woman Perfume for when you come by but she have no money, in order to impress her you gave her your number and perhaps about 200 Us she thank you and gave you a time to call her later that night you called she started to bawl down the phone saying she grand father had died dont come over while she and her real young thing drinking wine with your money and planning for the second time. You don't mind because she look nice and young and look like this one knows when she is going out to catch a male to look clean from panty to teeth lol
I believe this is what happened. You don't mind you want to be seen with her so you decide to pay for that and plus you have money don't blame her, rofl


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