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#11 Dec 13, 2019 12:54 am

New Historian

Re: The RMC's first communications after the executions of October 19

Slice wrote:

NH, ah telling you Keith is brining this all to the surface again.  I agree, Grenadians wanted to forget the Revo, but Keith is not letting them do so.  NH ah live and go around common folks and the Revo is alive and well among these folks.  Listen ah found myself in argument with be best PADNAH, and before you know it, I was surrounded, by about five folks all in favor of the revo.

Honestly I was kinda taken back.  Here I am boasting about America and all these folks, singing the praises about the revo and what Keith is doing to Grenada.  Man if it was in another country, I swear they were going to kill me.

I quickly stop the ole talk.  Later I found out, that one of the guys there was married to ah Cuban, and the rest was in family.

Yes I've heard de fellas wax nostalgic about how great it was under the Revo, and for them it was! But remember, all these "fellas", now, they were young boys back then, and which teenage boy during Revo days didn't love the Revo? They were the Revo's target market, forget the older ones, they can always be coerced, but the future of the Revo lay in the hearts and minds of Grenada’s schoolchildren. With all the youth programmes, slogans and rallies, it was a Rasta-Reggae-Revo and the kids loved it. With the cooperatives and make-work programmes there were jobs for everyone. Granted they may have been only cutting bush but at least they were working. Maurice Bishop was immensely popular in the world press and Grenada rode the crest of a wave.

But like I say: they were kids. They didn't know what the France was going on, behind the scenes. And for we Grenadians overseas, we didn't either, all we knew was that, for the first time in our lives, people actually KNEW where Grenada was! Maurice was charismatic, handsome and brown, and like Manley from Cuba they made a Holy Socialist Triumvirate with Castro - yaay!

Reality was a different thing though. I would never want Grenada to go back to those awful, hateful, cruel killing days


#12 Dec 13, 2019 8:11 am


Re: The RMC's first communications after the executions of October 19

All I am asking is that Grenadian politician to stop  tiefing Grenadian monies and govern for the people, by the people.  the revo was caused, by exactly by what Keith and his corrupt govermnet are doing right now. Ah want it to stop.  Grenada is for sale and the local folks are not benefitting.

What was the point of the invasion, if the same thing is happening?  Cubans are in Grenada influencing the Grenadian folks. They are fake doctors and spreading their  beliefs, if you ask me they are more ah threat now than before.


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