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#1 Feb 05, 2020 8:27 am


Get yer winter gear including ski's as soon as you can

According to NASA and reported by

2020 is due to be the start of a mini ice age, which may last 30 years or so.

Apparently 2020 is going to be a Grand Solar Minimum, which only happens every 400 years or so. Where the Sun reduces its output. There is expected to be a 1 degree drop in global temperatures.

The last time it happened the Thames and the Amsterdam canals froze over. Although that is believed to have been excaserbated by volcanic action at the time.

Normal Minimums normally occur every 11 years or so.

Assuming this scientific data is true, might I suggest NOT running out and leaving the car ticking over to push up C02 levels to keep the Suns rays in and keep us warm, as when the Solar Minimum recedes as it will, the planet would then most likely rocket into a global heatwave from which there might be no recovery for the resident primo species.

So now I shall be able to grow some nice apples and pears, Blackberries, Blueberries, etc etc in my soon to be sub tropical garden.

Sorry for you guys out in foreign.    Brrrrrrr.

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#2 Feb 05, 2020 12:07 pm

New Historian

Re: Get yer winter gear including ski's as soon as you can

What happens if the next solar cycle becomes less active? Will we go into a new ice age?

No. Even if the amount of radiation coming from the Sun were to decrease as it has before, it would not significantly affect the global warming coming from long-lived, human-emitted greenhouse gases. Further, given our greenhouse gas emissions to date and those expected to come, the evidence points to the next “ice age” being averted altogether.

From NASA itself: … B-ODjeHOgk


#3 Feb 05, 2020 8:05 pm


Re: Get yer winter gear including ski's as soon as you can

Well I sold it as I bought it, and my conclusion from reading more of NASA's stuff was correct..... if they are correct..... that if it even happens a rebound would be dramatic.

As we can see heating is increasing even when the Sun is cooling off.


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