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#11 Feb 09, 2020 9:40 pm


Re: Origins of phrases and habits

" I was thinking of saying something  nice to the JA  -----  ' and she goes off on some tangent '

" Now I have to reconsider  ,,  Spain , Spain , Spain  , 'for the  loose talk ' ,,,,,   I hope  ,,, you have been  going to  "Spanish  Flamenco Dance lessons  "  Gotta be  fit Calypso . I would not mind seeing , what you learned so far. "
Going to Spain , you gotta raise the temp. Gotta practice.


#12 Feb 10, 2020 8:46 am


Re: Origins of phrases and habits

Calypso wrote:

The lovers are at it again. Wow! Men in love! Love in men!

Kaiso, ah doh get your jealousy.  Four men, four different back grounds and because we agree on ah few things, you have ah problem.  What is your problem?

Tell us wha you want from us?  For some stupid reason, I always kinda like you, buy ah go change me mind.  Nah I ent doing dat, ah go still like you.  We are not your type, you love French men; so, what is your problem again with us?


#13 Feb 10, 2020 11:47 am


Re: Origins of phrases and habits

Expat wrote:

Here is a more likely summary of those origins … ns-phrases

Beware the wisdom of the web, it could lead you into a world of hurt if you chose the wrong source.

Just thinking about the bone disposal of bodies.

Never heard of bone houses, but on trying to figure it out I realised that it was a charnel house. OK got it.

England while Old, isn't THAT small, OK compared to Amerikee it is small, but it is down to how much space are you prepared to give up for them that aint going anywhere. Someone has to sell or forfeit the land for it to be put to such a use. I am told I am being entombed on our land. Seems bloody daft to me, but I guess in a generation or two someone with a big sledge hammer will move me along... wink


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