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#11 Feb 13, 2020 10:55 pm

New Historian

Re: And we mustn't say bad things about Muslims...

Expat wrote:

Most religions have come up with some pretty stupid and brutal stuff if we look at them in hindsight.

Islam is just a younger religion with lots of fervent followers.

We still have eye for an eye in the good book, but most people are sophisticated enough not to take it literally, Muslims though tend to follow the words of the Koran to the letter. They will mature eventually, but not in my lifetime I expect.
Fundamental Misoganism.

Nail. On. Head.

Islam is about 600 years younger than Christianity right? Where was Christianity 600 years ago? The Inquisition, heresy, burnings, holy war between Catholics and Protestants. Sounds familiar? A bit like ... modern day Islam? Yeah they'll mature, in lots of time. Pity we lesser infidels don't have that much time.


#12 Feb 14, 2020 10:06 am

Real Distwalker

Re: And we mustn't say bad things about Muslims...

Christianity is still maturing.  I don't know what Trump's evangelicals think they are following but it isn't the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Christ called for humility. That we love each other.  That we not judge each other.  That we take care of each other.  That we provide hospitality to each other.  That we not be hypocrites.  That we not be publicly pious.  That sort of thing.


#13 Feb 14, 2020 12:25 pm


Re: And we mustn't say bad things about Muslims...

The biggest Hoax ever.  We will give to the church, because they give to the poor and I trust the Catholic church, more than any other organization, to give to the needy, but that is as far as I am going with Christianity.  Wifee prayers for more than ah hour daily, but me I am not ah believer.


#14 Feb 14, 2020 1:48 pm


Re: And we mustn't say bad things about Muslims...

I am more than a little hazy on some of this stuff now, it has been way back at the back of my mind for many decades, and I really can't be asked to sit down and research every twist and turn

I seem to recall that the main reason for the fracture between Paul.... the johnny come lately who was not around when events happened and the first Apostles was that he pushed the resurrection story when the other attending apostles did not.

I have not even opened a Bible in decades, a daily missal a couple of years ago as it belonged to my Mum, but Bible, nah.

Personally if I could ever find our old King James I would probably set more faith... pardon the pun, in that than any revamped version. Just as I much prefer Catholicism pre Vatican2. Wifey often follows daily and Sunday Mass on line, and I am quite comfortable watching and spouting the Latin as it progresses. I loath the changes in the verbiage, and happy clappy music that local parishes in the UK now partake in. I absolutely cannot abide the "local" Mass here in Grenada with bongo drums, and diabolically out of tune choirs that sway rhythmically as if they are part of a Gospel choir. Never mind the self important Priests that talk for hours, usually a load of bullshite, and often discussing peoples business along the way. Even if I was still part of the faithful it would drive me away.

To continue the I theme, I will never deny Christ's existence, although I believe there were several Messiahs around at the same time. What I do dispute is that he was anything more than a prophesy self fulfilling product of his time, which being 2000 plus years ago leaves a hell of a lot of doubt to any authenticity to the often allegorical tales about him. You cannot get a simple fully credible story about what happened in the Revo which is a decent parallel to make, as partizan constructs decide who's version you believe. Same with the religious element.

Lets face it there are plenty of people who believe in Trump, and if ever there was a poisonous self aggrandizing lying piece of sheite that's it... But people still pull their blinkers down tight and say he's the man.

We aint going to feud over this, you have and are entitled to your beliefs, I absolutely unresolvable have none, which according to you means I also have a belief... so there we are.

Whenever I have challenged you in the past it was not to diminish your belief which is what you concluded, but simply to try to understand, and maybe learn from someone who is so convinced their opinion or belief is the way to go.


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