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#11 Feb 29, 2020 11:08 pm


Re: On hypocrisy of the climate celebs

Real Distwalker wrote:

Iowa gets a greater proportion of its power from wind than any other state and I power my house largely by wind power.  I don't have an electric car yet but when they solve the charge-time problem, I will be first in line.  Why?  It is actually a better way to heat and cool my house and to drive regardless of the green benefits.

Yeah, but do the ones with the green target on their backs live in Iowa... probably not.

How are they heating and cooling their mansions who knows, can they drive more than one of their fantasy collection at any given time... err no. Who are we that know nothing, and in my case absolutely nothing about their lives..... cos I really don't care, to dictate which of those Carbon balanced airmiles were really necessary.

I for one am absolutely and undeniably less than perfect in many many directions. I do not have the temerity to throw stones when the glass of my house is so very very thin.


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