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#1 Apr 30, 2020 9:45 am


I Thaught Yemen was the leading light

When I first saw Yemen on the list with it's 1 case that stayed 1 case for a long time, I had 2 basic thought.

1) Oh sheite, if it takes off in Yemen it will be a total disater with all the poverty, and refuge camps from the ongoing war being remotely fought on their soil.

2) Then, they have cracked it, 1 case like for ever, and they might beat this thing.

Today I checked it, and dismay, they had 1 case from 10th April to 28th of April, kinda in the it's all good stage. Now from the 29th it's six cases and 2 deaths. I guess stat reporting issues may be in there somewhere. But hell and buggeration, that is sad.

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