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#11 May 30, 2020 2:40 pm


Re: So no reaction to the "knee cop"

Real Distwalker wrote:

What I am about to say is in no way a defense of cops being out of line.  It is a potential explanation.

Criminals are real assholes. These are rotten people.  Cops spend their lives dealing with these assholes every day.  After a while, cops just assume that everyone is an asshole.  They get cynical.  They get mean.  They get stupid.  That's when bad stuff happens.

I hear what you say, but they also deal with regular human beings in their daily lives too, family friends, neigbours, simply someone asking for directions.

I am afraid police in general are institutionalised, they are part of a boys club, and just like the criminals associate with criminals, cops do the same thing, but also have to learn to think like criminals to help them to catch them.

They have quotas to keep, promotions to achieve, and reputations to enhance.

I have had several brushes with the police, very few of them could be categorised as enlightening. And they will screw you quick as wink to keep their arrest tally up.

Only on one occasion can I think of a police saying OK, don't let me catch you doing that again. It's always I am sorry sir.... always polite.... I am going to have to issue a ticket. Especially when dealing with teenagers who make some really stupid judgement calls, they should try to find ways not to ruin their lives for that short period when their brains are messed up.

One time when riding a motorbike from a factory development by Wormwood Scrubbs... NH may know it, on a quiet sunny Saturday afternoon I was leaving work at Rolls Royce after a mornings overtime, on the way home, and on a clear open road with no side roads or traffic after looking left up the road with nothing visible I turned right, and rode off in happy mood doing maybe 50 plus until I came to a part where there was a side road, gas station and finally a traffic lights. I had slowed for all those potential accident points. As I pulled up to the red lights out of the corner of my eye I see the fluorescent flash of the police car. Maybe if I hadn't turned my head it would not have gone further, but it caught my eye, and I looked over. Only to be told to pull over after the lights.

I am then charged with speeding... OK fine I was.... But the guy must have done nearly 100 on the same piece of road to have caught up with me, going over that roundabout on the way. Arsehole.

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