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#11 Jun 21, 2020 11:41 am


Re: "Sorry is not enough" Caribbean Govts. on British Slavery Apology

gripe wrote:

Guys, I did not plan to post the original link in this thread and then disappear as appeared to happen yesterday.  So, here I am.

The responses so far reflect, not surprisingly, the deep-seated emotions that the topic can generate. 

Expat, the following quote addresses your argument in your last post yesterday on the subject:

"The footprints of slavery, and the profits it bequeathed to generations, still shape the present. The Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 formally freed 800,000 Africans. Not one of them got a penny. Instead, the British government paid out today’s equivalent of £16bn to former slave owners to “compensate” them for their loss of “property”, a national debt that took until 2015 to be paid off. Yes, that means the descendants of slaves here in the UK were, until just four years ago, paying off slave owners for their ancestors’ freedom."

Read more at the source, here: … in-slavery

So how did the debt get paid to the owners if it took way past their demise to pay them back?

Many things stated have truth, to them, but also they do not stand alone without an ability to criticize them.

EG in the articles ramble it stated Pakistani and Bangladeshi people live in the most poverty stricken areas. Who is to blame for that? THEY have chosen for the most part to live in enclaves where cousin this or brother that has encouraged them to come to. So the East end of London.... always the gateway for immigrants going back centuries is one of their highest population densities. There is nothing preventing them from integrating, they just don't. Even West Indian Indians I know find the East Indians hard to stomach. Not everything fits squarely into you very black and white perspective.

Their migration was different from the Windrush days where immigrants were encouraged into run down areas, which had those same immigrants stayed the course, as many have, as the areas gentrified they made a fortune enabling them to move out, or return with very full pockets back to the West Indies. Many many of those early families used joint purchasing to get onto a property ladder long before many whites could manage it simply because the whites, only used the regular lending mechanisms.

They Pakistani and Bengali as a rule live in tight communities, they live by their own customs, and are very misogynistic, with the wives often unable to speak let alone write english, and kept that way by their husbands so they can't intermingle. This makes healthcare much harder. Councils in multicultural areas have to print notices in about 5 languages at least.... Why? You migrate to a country you do not expect it to change to your ways you adopt theirs.... Unless you go as the British Empire, or the many Empires before it.


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