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#1 Jul 02, 2020 6:58 pm


The Pres was right

It galls me to say it, but even his taking it to avoid catching it was correct.

The doctor in New York Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko who fired up the Pres had over 800 patients, roughly half he decided were not ill enough to need his cocktail, so around 400 went on the 3 part cocktail all of these were serious patients in the at risk categories. 2 died. The rest recovered, mostly very quickly. Extrapolating that out with a similar base of patients using other treatments he should have had around 40 deaths.

There is a French Doctor who did a similar treatment without zinc, but a higher dose of the hydroxychloroquine, had almost identical results with a slightly larger number. The course of treatment was adopted by Italy, Belgium, and Even Brazil in some areas. Despite the rising infection rate in Brazil, the death rate as with the other countries including Israel has dropped markedly where its used.

The difference between the two methods was the Zinc. The Zinc is the thing that stops the virus in its tracks it's use means you do not need so much of the hydroxychloroquine, the hydroxychloroquine is the thing that opens the channel to the cells so the zinc can get in, and the azithromycin is an antibiotic that wipes up infections that occur. All these are old and well researched and used drugs, and elements. They are cheap and they work.

One rider on that, although there is just released info from a hospital that even in advanced stages the cocktail increased survival rates by 50 per cent over the normal rate. Just guessing, but something like 12% to 18%. Not enormous but if you were in that 6% you would be happy with it. But the main saver is that if you get to the doctor in 3-5 days of feeling you have symptoms it is almost 100% successful, as apparently it is around day 8 that the virus load increases rapidly and its straight to the hospital and you are in shit street. But if you get it before the viral load expands exponentially the coctail will almost certainly save you, and it is a doctor visit, and self administering tablets. no biggy.

The NY doctor takes the combo himself as a prophylactic as he only has one lung and cancer, and he sees a lot of patients.


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