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#1 Jul 03, 2020 12:29 am


Does this pandemic set a new standard for

how we treat a new virus.

Lets face it there will always be another one. Does this mean the World is going to shut down now every time someone sneezes?

So far despite the sluggishness displayed by the Brits, and the sorry, stupidity of many Americans, Oops and also by the Brits. the numbers are still way down compared to previous plagues.

Will economies be trashed every couple of years? Despite many crass mistakes, and rubbish protocols, the death rate is still lower than some of the common flues. I think I recall it is around .25%.

Yes the numbers are big, partly due to the affor mentioned stupid policies and decisions and attitudes, but the Spanish flue according to the CDC killed over 50,000,000 and something like 587,000 Americans. Yet despite the misery of that time and several times since the World did not go into cloisters.

It is a a different faster World inter nation transport being a major culprit. But our constant contact with data, sometimes accurate sometimes very bogus has lead us into a panic pandemic.

But just like there is increasing compulsion with Vaccines via you can't go to this school or work in that place if you are not fully vacinnated, it is almost inevitable that the Orwellian grand masters will want us sheeple to all be chipped like our pets so they can keep an eye on us. Want to go on holiday at Disneyland... Oh, lets check your chip.

I heard all this stuff a while back, and I thought Nah, its just conspiracy theories, but every living day their is more wood being piled up. Just now we are all going to be toast.


#2 Jul 03, 2020 5:23 pm


Re: Does this pandemic set a new standard for

This thing got out of control, because of ASSHOLES like the leader in England Brazil and America.  You know they are watching another one in China?


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