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#1 Jul 03, 2020 11:31 pm


Children drop dead wearing masks

RD says oh doctors and nurse have been wearing masks for extended periods for years, and they haven't dropped dead.... maybe not, but with unsustainable high CO2 levels it seems children exercising can. … story.html

It could be a fluke, but lets just recognise we as human being are designed to function with a much higher oxygen content in our lungs than that available when you are wearing even loose masks. Hell, although not so bad even those plastic screens drop your available oxygen levels. If you substantially lower your available oxygen levels, you are starving your brain, and every organ in your body of the one key thing that keeps it alive.

Why do old people fall over on blood pressure tablets?  One of the main reasons is over compensation by the drugs, and the low blood pressure stops enough oxygen getting to the brain.... bid abing, bida bang, over they go, fall and break a hip, and 6 weeks later die... more or a hypothetical possibility.

I saw the experiment with the gas analyser. It would be interesting to see what the blood sats are of a person wearing a mask for an extended period. Normally my blood sats are around 98%.

Although there are those that say no way to masks at all, I am not in that camp, I personally see a benefit in close contact situations, like wandering around a grocery store. And sure social distancing helps. Plus as long as not done almost as a phobia, hand sanitation is beneficial, but please remember if you are not handling strange objects or people excessive hand washing, and using spirit cleaners is reducing your skins natural immunity to the normal pathogens out there. Your whole body is heaving with bacteria all the time. Most of it is meant to be there to protect you from chance visitations from bad bacteria.


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