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#11 Jul 09, 2020 6:33 pm


Re: Latest Copvid regulations, check GIS.

Chinese food is popular here. Mandarin, for example, is a large chain buffet restaurant, although not my choice of eatery.
They employ a lot of people. Can you imagine that business surviving this and ever being successful again?
I see they have posted signs advertising take-out available.
Parking lot empty. Who in the world will get take from a restaurant that has built its reputation on an all you can eat buffet?
I congratulate them for trying and wish them luck, but sorry to say, their business is done. They have a lot of space that will be boarded up in no time.


#12 Jul 09, 2020 8:37 pm


Re: Latest Copvid regulations, check GIS.

The second wave has been touted by many experts almost from the get go.

The reason as we can see from America is that people do some really stupid things CREATING the second wave. The second wave is not inevitable. Likely, but not inevitable.

We are being ruled by tick tock, whatscrap, and the media. We are in a state of panic, because we are bombarded with figures at a speed never before possible due to the expansion of the www.

Shops etc are closed down because Governments closed them down. Grenada did the same thing, and on "best medical advice" which lets face it is just educated guess work. They have kept them closed for way longer than was necessary. WTF difference does it make if the shop is a hardware store.... allowed to be open pretty quickly, and a clothing store deemed unnecessary. NF Difference. yet Government has Fkd the economy.

It is easy to make decisions with 20/20, and I may have thought many choices were dumb, but I only spoke out about a few.

As far as I am/was concerned maintaining all the agreed safety protocols was enough for most circumstances therefore avoiding the economic crash we are going to experience. One of the few places I would continue to hold down unless rigorously monitored is where alcoholic beverages are consumed on site.

Having been to a local hostelry just the other day I was less than impressed by the distancing of most of the customers. Sitting at those wooden outside kinda benches, they were a foot apart side to side, and chatting vigorously over the table top with no masks on. Both scenarios would definitely allow transmission. If we had the virus on island. Obviously you can't drink THROUGH a mask, but you can use caution. Take a drink, be with pals, caution gone.

What concerns me is that currently we seem to be the only island that hasn't had a recent case, as in 2-4 days ago. As we don't know the reasons, it's worrying as we don't know if they are visitors stuck in quarantine, or community spread. Numbers can go up without it affecting the population, but from the outside you can't tell.

I really am not impressed with the idea that visitors, returnees or otherwise can home quarantine, regardless of being monitored.

We had this ting locked down. That decision could come back and bite our bum, and I would be so pissed, after the sheite they have put us through.

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#13 Jul 09, 2020 9:11 pm


Re: Latest Copvid regulations, check GIS.

Yes, I'm thinking the same.
After all the sacrifice, this gradually phased re-opening is not economically sound. It will come back to bite us. The results could be devastating.
In many cases it seems things are back to normal, so why not just allow all the bats out of the cave?


#14 Jul 10, 2020 11:34 am


Re: Latest Copvid regulations, check GIS.

This is not ah second phase.  The states that are seeing the rise is the first phase, they never paid attention too.  Opened to quickly.  Now if you see rises, in New York, New Jersey,  and mostly North East states that might be second phase.


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