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#11 Jul 23, 2020 8:11 pm


Re: End of the 747

Houston, a century ago, the idea of a 747 would have been scary. Now it's normal. So the coming stages will become our normality.

Humans are now considering interplanetary travels. It will work only if we find out how to make those journeys shorter.

The first condition being not just scientific, but human progress - we don't want to spread our problems beyond our planet until we've found solutions to the most fundamental of them and have established a humanity of harmlessness and of positive vibes.

So, until then, let's get used to the good ole planes, as we've known them until now big_smile


#12 Jul 23, 2020 8:24 pm

New Historian

Re: End of the 747

Last year I did long 4 back-to-back haul flights on the best most comfortable plane ever: Airbus 380 - the double-decker! Economy seats are big and spacious with a huge screen, and they actually RECLINE! On 2 legs I was lucky to get bumped up to club: oh-man!!

They've gone the way pf the 747 as well, the shortest production run ever!


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