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#1 Oct 05, 2020 12:06 pm



They send me notice saying they need proof of insurance.  I sent it to them, ah got Email saying accepted ah good to go.  Ok then send me the stuff so I can renew my stickers.  Never came.  Then ah get another notice saying the same thing with another case number.  Took care of that.  Another Email came you good to go.

Another notice came saying the same goddam thing with another case number for the very same thing, and leh me tell you, when you call you have to wait for about an hour to speak to a very nasty agent.

Mind you it has been more than 20 years since ah had insurance lapse.  Cant figure out wha the hell those notices came from.  Had enough of them, so ah call me insurance, they too are getting frustrated, because they cant figure out why.  Then the sweet agent say Mr Greenidge let me take it from here.  She called me back one hour later and said now go renew you stickers.  My stickers are now renewed and ah good to go.  I still do not know what was the issue.  Very frustrated.

Sometimes America is far worst than Grenada, as far as business goes.


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