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#1 Oct 05, 2020 7:20 am


Trump briefly ventured out

Bethesda . MD.
Infected and contagious , President  Donald Trump  briefly ventured out in a MOTORCADE on Sunday to  SALUTE  cheering supporters.
A move disregarding precautions meant to contain the deadly virus that has forced his hospitalization and killed more than 209,000 Americans .

....." Trump wants to be a hero. "

Jeez !  lol.


#2 Oct 05, 2020 9:28 am


Re: Trump briefly ventured out

I hope that he doh die from this deadly disease.  If he dies from this disease, then for sure there ent God.  He must live to pay for all his evil deeds.  Dyeing is just  to good for Trump right now.  He must live.

Remember what he niece and he sister said, once he realize, he is going to lose the election, America is in deep shite.  Trump now knows the writing is on the wall; so, here he comes.  Ah wonder if Trump realize that the day Biden got the nominee, the polls never showed Biden behind Trump.  My take he was going to lose anyway, but Trump help in his own demise.  Forget Trump for now, I am watching one race for senate, and it is the one in South Carolina.  If Graham lose that race, then it is ah complete sweep for Democrats'. Second Senate race ah watching is Iowa.

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#3 Oct 05, 2020 5:25 pm

Real Distwalker

Re: Trump briefly ventured out

Herman Cain's Covid-19 timeline:

6/24: Attends Trump rally, maskless
7/2: Tests positive for Covid-19
7/10: Says he’s improving
7/15: Says his doctors seem happy
7/27: Says he’s really getting better
7/30: Dies


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