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#1 Oct 06, 2020 10:56 am


But Lets Talk 'up' today. .. .... Hold You Back

Kelly Cutrone :

  " I advise you to  stop sharing your dreams with people who try to hold you back  . Because if you are the kind of person who senses there's  something out there for you beyond whatever  it is you're expected to do  -
- if you want to be extra ordinary  - you will not get there by hanging around a bunch of people  who tell you  you are not extraordinary.
- Instead you will probably become as ordinary as they expect you to be. "

...................   ah love it . lol.

Or ........  'You just can't let life happen to you , you have to make life happen...'      Idown


#2 Oct 14, 2020 10:14 am


Re: But Lets Talk 'up' today. .. .... Hold You Back

' So ... today a word .   ..... ' GIVE '   
sorry  ,,,, actually 2 words 'to give' . lo.

" GIVE - generously  all that you hold for it is only borrowed - - you might as well let it past freely from your grasp . "

' That's cool. '


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