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#1 Dec 14, 2020 12:26 pm


11 year old to select to take a Vacinne without parental consent

Now some on here are happy to incorrectly brand me and some of my sorces as "ANTIVAXX".... totally bloody stupid, but Their God put them on the earth so let them be.

But can any right minded person think their child in 5th grade should be able to chose to vaccinate themselves completely without their parents knowledge, aided and abetted by the school and the family doctor?

>> 600.9 (a) A minor, 11 years of age or older, may consent to receive a vaccine if the minor is capable of meeting the informed consent standard, the vaccine is recommended by the United States Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (“ACIP”), and will be provided in accordance with ACIP’s recommended immunization schedule. 
B23-0171: Minor Consent for Vaccinations Amendment Act, City Council, Washington, D.C.

Addressed to me.Expat.

     The D.C. Council voted to allow 11-year-olds to give their consent to receive a vaccine without the knowledge of their parents or legal guardian.

     Can you imagine your 5th grader consenting to a vaccine without your knowledge?

     The bill would not only permit children to receive a vaccine without their parents’ knowledge or consent, but by default it requires insurance companies, vaccine administrators and schools to conceal from parents that the child has been vaccinated.

There are very good reasons why our 11-year-old children should not be making a decision to receive a vaccine without their parent’s knowledge.

Sadly, the vote taken by the Council wasn’t even close.  It was 12-1.

The bill must pass a second vote of the council and then go to Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) for her signature.

In the meantime, I can promise you this: If this bill actually becomes law, ICAN will be bringing a legal challenge--and we're preparing to do so right now.

Here is how you can help ICAN get ready for this battle:

JOIN OUR LAWSUIT: If you live in D.C. or your children attend a D.C. school, I encourage you to join our lawsuit by emailing ICAN at .  You can only join our legal case if you have a child who is 11 years old or older who attends school in the District of Columbia.

SUPPORT ICAN: Donations to our Legal Defense Team are badly needed !  You can give a gift of stock , BitCoin , or PayPal .  Last week I shared that the censors at Facebook took down the HighWire page, and I told you we are suing Facebook and the government mandates that gave rise to their decision.  Our legal action against Facebook and this new D.C. case will be HUGE for ICAN and those of us who are fighting for medical freedom! We know that Big Tech, the D.C. City Council, and the Federal Government will come at us with everything they’ve got to shut us up and shut us down! 

CALL & EMAIL MARY CHEH: Mary Cheh is the councilwoman who introduced this horrendous bill—and according to the Washington Post, initially she had NO age limits for consent whatsoever!  This bill is an affront to parents and legal guardians and opens the door to granting “minor consent” to anything if it is passed.  Please take action and email Councilwoman Cheh at
or call her office (202)-724-8062 or (202) 724-8118 and voice your opposition! 

     And please, please, be professional!  I know it may be hard given how you might feel--but let’s rise above our anger! Simply state your name, your number, and ask her to rescind this bad bill that usurps parental rights, religious rights and empowers our children to make what could be a life-altering decision!

    You are the movement that is TOO BIG TO FAIL!  We are winning!  The FDA, Moderna, Facebook, the D.C. Council, and the Federal Government need ACCOUNTABILITY! 

     In case after case they are overstepping their boundaries, they are stripping away our freedoms, and they are censoring any science-based discourse that doesn’t affirm their totalitarian agenda.

    You don’t have to be a parent to be alarmed and furious at this fundamentally un-American assault on parental rights. This assault is a back-door way to hoist their vaccines on our children without our permission. They want to take parents out of the equation altogether. 

     And don’t think for a minute this agenda will stop with the D.C. government. 

     We can and we will push back with your help now.

     Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Bold!

Del Bigtree, CEO, Informed Consent Action Network                         Host, The HighWire<<

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