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#1 Dec 17, 2020 8:28 pm


Can you guess who is Trump and Guliani's Doctor

Errr does the name Zelenko ring any bells?

He's the guy that stated Hydroxycloroquine used both as a prophelactic, and as part of a treatment regimen at the early onst was a game changer. He has a peer released paper that shows using screening to only deal with co-morbidities and age you can get an 84% reduction in hospitalisations and death.

So roughly speaking only 60,000 American deaths instead of over 300,000.

But that would have gone against the need to generate billions in the pharmacuetical industry.

So it was actually BANNED for doctors to use it for Covid. Pharmacists have reported doctors who seemed to be using it more than previously.... remember it is a safe drug used for a few things other than Covid.

Both old and sick people like Trump and Guliani recoverred quickly, yet Joe Blogs dies....


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