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#1 Dec 27, 2020 1:12 pm


The Sunday - after Xmas 2020

A white Xmas it was .
Snow Xmas day , had  3  inches of the stuff  , yesterday , that's Saturday  , same  , today some more , but no worry , not heavy , easy to shovel . lol.

... I spoke of rum , ham , black cake and weed  a couple of days ago . I forgot church   5am  Xmas morning.
Saying , Happy holidays to some friends - they say ,  things went well  70 people turned up with social distancing , masks ,temp checks . But no chatting in the church yard ... go home. lol.
And  to another tradition of Xmas morning ... listening to the  Queen's Christmas message.

> Hey  ...  we got it up here too , Liz , still looking good  and saying hope and  thank fullness  is good

> AND be careful of QAnon.

...... Hope Expat pays attention. lol


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