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#1 Dec 29, 2020 7:42 pm


For those that think HFCS is just sugar by another name

It affects at least versions 2 of Vitamin D, sorry I'm not a chemist, and i DIDN'T WRITE IT DOWN, BUT IST BUGGERS UP THE EFFECTS OF vITAMIN d, WHICH MOST OF US KNOW BY NOW IS VERY (CAPS) influential in minimising Covid, apart from being essential in the human body. It is an ESSENTIAL vitamin, and is also a hormone.

Maybe the Toxic food and drink laden with HFCS, whether it be meat, Subway bread, most of the crap coming out of the fast food outlest, it's all heaving with HFCS, as cheap way of addicting people to foods, is one of the main reason Americans are falling sick at the rate they are?

Mediicinally people living north of the 35th parallel need VitD supplements. What is often suggested is up to a 1,000 units per day.

This is NOT enough, You need between 4-5,000 units per day. OK, oral vitamin D can be toxic if consumed in excess, like 60,000 units a day for 6 months, but 5,000 is not even close to being excessive.

In the UK, in the first wave, the first 25 doctors that died.... 24 of them were Ethnic origins. A certain proffesor tried to get the health bodies to put all first line staff on on high dose, but it was deemed unethical.

When he wrote to the Black and Asian Medical body and they took up his advice there were no more deaths.

It will not stop you getting tyhe virus... a bit like the vaccine.... but it will help to minimise the effects.... a bit like the vaccine.... but without the several potential side effects of the vaccine..... just sayin.

Yeah we know. RD and his entire family are going to be at the front of the sheeple line to get their shot.

Maybe they won't get severe chills, mallaise, injection site pain, bruising, temporary facial parallysis, or anphalaxis.  Who knows. He can keep us informed.


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