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#1 Jan 02, 2021 11:59 am


Talking Tourism ... Gree

Well , I listened to some  Gree Tv.. Budd Report. ( over a couple of days , here and there ) lo
First , Budd asked some good questions.
Minister Boatswain , should stop slouching conducting/talking  Govt. business
Kester Charles
Brian Samuel
Perry Douglas  .....

Samuels laid out Tourism ( requirements and goals ) 2020 and beyond
Douglas  is there also , But made a good suggestion about how to use Gree's beauty to showcase Gree.
Boatswain at the end ... saying " all this  """"talk'""" is  OK.    " WHERE THE MONEY ?  you think it is easy getting some funds "  STuuuupps !


NH posted a 'tall tale'  recently about this guy (foreigner , white ) Robinson Crusoe , setting up shop on some small island and reaping the benefits now . ( What do you call someone with that spirit  of adventure ? )

That is what is needed  .....  some locals (JCBs) with a vision like Perry Douglas's  getting together , getting the land from the Govt  for $1  a year   for 99 years to develop his idea to ....
The Govt can't do all. .... No cash. lo 

GET $10.000 from people like Slice , Gripe , NH , any JCB ... not too stingy to invest......
The   JCB or local  children  and grand children  might  just  become rich.

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#2 Jan 05, 2021 11:29 am


Re: Talking Tourism ... Gree

Lord ah doh understand ah ting you say.


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