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#1 Jan 25, 2021 10:25 am


See for yourself, and make up your own mind


Same site, but a World Map of it's use. To give you an idea why "Western" countries have such a high death rate as compared to Asian/African Countries.

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#2 Jan 26, 2021 12:51 pm


Re: See for yourself, and make up your own mind

Countries based on current  HCQ/CQ usage.

That was good  info Expat.

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#3 Jan 26, 2021 11:20 pm


Re: See for yourself, and make up your own mind

Shame the hard heads can't admit they fkd up simply because an arsehole said it was good.

There is so much Science floating around that is absolute bollocks, which the general public is being force fed every day it is ..... words fail me.

Had I not found a few questioning sources that actually look at and interpret the "science" without being paid for, supported, or obligated to big pharma I would believe much of the disinformation they pump out too.

The biggest problem is if you dare to challenge the sycophants of big pharma you are unquestioningly called an anti-vaxxer.

Just as was proved to me the other day.... not that I needed it proved, the so called journalists that slander those that do the research do not do any research themselves, and will slant their 1 to 4 to minutes of reporting outragiously ignoring facts that have already been stated by the vaccine God Faucci, the WTO, NIH, NDC and any other so called reputable organisation.

I saw an interview with the Highwire presenter, I think it was a DC News reporter, who's only anxt was that the highwire had legally asked for and recieved employment aid from the Government. I think it was for about $160,000. There was a long interview of around 3 or 4 minutes, and the Highwire presenter stated all the availible facts regarding the virus, as quoted by the above mentioned sources.... so legit, not made up or twisted. The joke is the same news outlet has about 1.5 million dollars in aid.

None of that was aired, just a bogus antivax presentation focussing solely on the money they had recieved as an affront to the Government.

I have seen news feeds start off with "facts" and end up all singing from the same distorted hymn sheet before... I have no recollection of the actual topic it was years ago, but I distincly remembered breaking news that looked quite different a couple of hours later and never returned to the original information. Once the ball is rolling, and they are all on the same feed, the bullshite pumped out is unbelievable.

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