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#1 Jan 28, 2021 11:21 pm


Take you pick on how you want to be vaccinated

Well the CDC certainly cannot make up it's mind

They lambasted Britain for extending the second jab rate, they along with Phizer said it was an un tested protocol to extend before the 21 days, and I think the Moderna beyond 28 days.

Not only that but everyone said Britain was crazy to think about using 2 different vaccines if there was a shortage, and that America was going to carry on doing what its doing....

Yeah right.

Now its OK to extend, and you can take a different jab if you wait for 42 days. With absolutely no trial data to say whether nthe vaccine is effective beyond 21 days... It's a friggin gamble.

These bastards are making it up as they go along.

Let me make one thing clear to you. I keep hearing the term, but my tired brain cannot remember it, but if you have one jab, it activates your immune system, it takes time to get to full strength per that jab. Then as found by the shabby trials they did you have the second jab at 21 days. They KNOW this works to what ever level it's going to.

BUT, and heres the big but. and probably why they are desperately accepting any vaccine rather thgan just letting it stay at one jab is because.....

One jab activates your immune system, and causes a condition I cannot remember the name. The second jab MODIFIES that condition, which has another name, and makes the vaccine as effective as it's going to be.  However, only having the one jab means your reaction to a live virus could be FAR FAR worse than if you didn't have the first jab. You MUST have the second jab preferably of the same product in a timely manner.

The reason they are flappnng around about taking any jab is they have just like the animal trials on previous covid vaccines in animals set humans up to be killed by an over reactive immune system.

The possible outcome is a hypothesis I know, but they could be setting up millions of people to die if they do not get the vaccine in a timely manner.

In the animal trials the animals were fine, they had all the antibodies they needed, but 100% died after getting vaccinated with live virus.


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