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#1 Jan 29, 2021 9:21 am



I think it is proven that the COVID 19 vaccine is extremely safe, that is according to the American experts.  With just about thirty million American vaccinated, there has been not one proven death, due to the vaccine.

There is probably about five hundred adverse side effects.  None permanent.  Mind you I took those numbers from the very first month of vaccination.  The first month about five million was vaccinated, 108 folks had some kinda Side effects, none was permanent.

That is why, ah kinda confuse.  If I am to believe American experts, that makes your expert, waste of time, and vise  e versa.

See my confusion?  One ah you is defiantly totally have no clue what the hell they are saying.  In other words somebody is giving me ah whole bunch ah BULLSHITE.


#2 Jan 29, 2021 9:58 am



Buddy, all I do is provide information, how you process it is up to you, if you chose to think that every expert who is not locked into the Big Pharma program is just a vaccine hater then good luck to you. Time after time I hear, I have taken every vaccine, I have made sure my child has... But this is different.

Try and understand this simple point   Fauci the highest paid Government worker in America is intrinsically linked to Big Pharma, from 20 or 30 years ago. Most clinitians will lose their license if they go against the "dictated norm", most young doctors will lose their residency. Most Scientists  "Experts" will lose their grants and positions in the big pharma paid universities.

Only independants have the ability, and for the most part the courage to speak out.

Your reporters are bloody lazy, and only report wjhat everyone else is saying.

I could clip a section of an interview, where Del Bigtree lays out in minute detail to a reporter where he gets his information, and how authentic it is... from exactly the same major sources like CDC, WHO, and major recognised epidemiologists, he explains how the bloody thing works, and why so much of the shit you are being coerced to do is actually harmful. He shows the entire interview. The reporter then ignores every last word, and only posts their news clip with about 10 seconds of him addressing the issue about funding with as much distortion as she can manage.

I can film it and post it if you don't believe me.

There is every bit as much lying and total bullshite coming from mainstreem in fact much much more, as there is sometimes stretching the truth from those opposed to the vaxx. I am not talking about the 5 minutes of glory antivaxxers on you tube, I take you tube videos with a major pinch of salt.

Just for the record, latest news. Germany is recommending Astra Zenicas vaccine not be used on over 65s.  Who the hell needs the vaccine the most... Over 65s.  FFS the bloody vaccine was barely tested on the age group that really needs it. Only already compromised younger people are getting ill, Nature has always weeded out the weakest of the specis.  Its natural.


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