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#1 Feb 10, 2021 6:40 pm


Bastard Administrators

Who are not on the front line but can cavalierly move people around.

My oldest in both senses of the word, pal, from the UK's wife a Trini who is a nursing auxiliary in a London Hospital has caught the ting.

He had some major league health issues going back maybe 20 years till now.

She made representations to get moved off the general ward because they kept on getting cases that arrived negative and became positive on the Ward. She was moved over to a cardiac ward.

Last Saturday she was transferred back into her old ward which was deemed to be "green".

Wednesday she started to feel "off" and developed some other symptoms, on rapid testing she got a positive, and she went in, and she got a PCR, which also came up positive.

She is now isolated in a small flat with an aged infirm husband, and a twenty something daughter in a very small flat.

I did suggest how to rearrange their lives, but it seems the daughter may have already caught it, so those arrangements couldn't work.

She is one week in with isolation of the family with one week to go. Here's hoping all the advice on vitamins and minerals helps to either stop my friend catching it, or worse, and that she stays as good as she sounds at the moment.

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#2 Feb 11, 2021 11:33 am

New Historian

Re: Bastard Administrators

God bless and keep those NHS workers. Cos the government certainly ain't.


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