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#1 Mar 18, 2021 10:45 am


DNR instruction in the UK

Aparently just released on the UK news, in the early stages of the pandemic many if not all? patients were marked as DNR  Do Not Rescuscitate, without their or their families knowledge.. I remember that being a concern with whistle blower nurses in the USA. Yet another reason the death toll in the begining was so high relative to the numbers infected. Now or rather recently we had much higher case load, with relatively far fewer deaths pro rata. (before the vaccine has had time to increase resistance to illness).

Just for full measure I note yesterday the UK was bragging about how efficatious its vaccine was and that it was 80% effective at preventing hospitalisation, serious illness, and death.

The funny thing is that 80% or so was the figure given out a long time ago for the survivability for the general public for people who were not vaccinated. We already know that survivability is 99.6%, meaning only 0.4 percent die even when they were very old and have co-morbidities and were close to death in the first place.

This is an old people killer just the same as regular serious colds and flue. Protect the old and sick, and it would have gone away. With just a few anomolies with younger people who had vulnerabilities they did not know about. Now there is a potential it can take out all ages as it mutates.

Come on guys, do some critical thinking.


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