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#21 Mar 21, 2021 8:42 pm


Re: Florida is winning hands dfown at the moment

1) How many other conditions are there out there that knock your sense of smell and taste out after infected famuily visit?

2) No one said you can be too immune, what I am saying is you and most people young enough not to have a depleted immune system will have a strong response independant of a vaccine. Exchanging a multifaceted immune response for a focussed immune response is daft.
3) Time will tell whether people wearing yellow stars on their chest get special treatment.
4) No one doubts it is well intentioned. I wonder if they will thank you in time to come. If it all goes tits up you wont be very popular, whereas if they make an independant choice there can be nothing on your plate either way.
5) Your kids had it... you had it.
6) Lucky you we do..... with 2 cases currently in quarantine.
7) Poor both of you.
8) Propaganda


#22 Mar 22, 2021 8:18 am


Re: Florida is winning hands dfown at the moment

Expat wrote:

That is so not true.  The experts have come out and said it is ah mixed bag, when you compare Florida to California.  Maybe just maybe it has something to do with warmer states. Florida is not winning anything.


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