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#11 Mar 23, 2021 4:44 pm


Re: Why don't we change the name of this site?

Slice wrote:
Expat wrote:
Slice wrote:

I gladly like an alternative.  I want all the information I can get. I also believe in science.  The makers of one of the vaccine,  recently said look out world, because this vaccine is so good, get ready for a great discovery in cancer.  It makes me wonder if a vaccine is achieved in the fight against cancer, what will the anti vaxxers say or do.

My biggest concern with Expat is, he is just saying Slice do not get the vaccine, but he is not offering me an alternative.  That ah do not understand.  Just doh take it.

Two folks on this forum already have the vaccine, and it seems they are just fine.

>>My biggest concern with Expat is, he is just saying Slice do not get the vaccine, but he is not offering me an alternative.  That ah do not understand.<<

There are an ever increasing number of options... mosty shaddowbanded by the plug pullers on the internet. Most things you might get another view on is unavailible to you for you to make an informed decision, that almost right, is being removed from you.

I am now being fasceitios....You type in dog, and you will not see a search relating to dogs, or at the most a string of pro vaccinated dog links, or no dogs at all, only cats.  A very silly example, but that is 100% the way it is working at the moment. You are being pointed through a very limited view tunnel, and unless you have already had access to other sources of information you can only see the party line. No BS, no exageration. FACT.

I do searches that used to yield a certain kind of response, and there aint a hint of the results I used to get. It is getting more Orwellian by the day.

You are walking around with a very effective alternative, it's your own natural immune system. If that is compromised there are medications you can get that have a viral suppressing effect. There is even a simple cheap treatment that has been around for around 20 years, using a nebuliser that you can buy for around or just over $40 in the USA which you use with Hydrogen Peroxide which can be used neat, or probably better slightly diluted, and simply breath in the vapour, and it will kill most upper respirotry viruses, help with Asthma, and Sinusitis. It would be a good thing to use even without covid, to limit colds etc.

I am not saying it is a total panecea, but it may well reduce the viral load in you nasal phalynx and throat to the point your immune system can kick it into touch.

Slice you are looking to me to spoon feed you with answers to what by now we all know is a very complex problem. I am not a doctor, a scientist, or even an extremely bright person, But I have had my finger on the pulse of information from people who are not on the Pharmacueticals payroll, or have risked everything to let those who are willing to know that there IS alternative facts to the crap you are fed by mainstream.

You have been given links to thse points of information, it is then up to you to watch and independently think what you think is best for you in your situation.

You scorne information from papers or where ever that is from a location you have a bad opinion from. But just because a hard right organisation like FOX news mostly twists stuff to fit in with their agenda doesn't mean some of the "facts" aren't correct, and just the same in reverse with CNN. It's the thing inbetween your ears you need to use to decide for yourself what is possable, impossable, or probable.

Not Robert Kennedy, show me reputable firm that did research and came to your conclusion.  That is all ah need to see.  For now all you provide me is hear say.  No real concrete proof.

I have previously given you links to sites that give you links to all the data they use in their programming. Use the information and do your own research. I aint spoon feeding anyone. Whether you like the interface, even if it is Kennedy, or Bigtree or who ever, if the links are to reputable scientists, mainstreem data such as the CDC etc. what does it matter if Kennedy itches your cruch.  Just look.


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