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#1 Mar 24, 2021 10:30 am


Keep obsessing Covid Expat. ... Look to the Future. ...DNA

UNESCO  ... panel of experts call for ban on editing of human DNA to avoid unethical tampering with hereditary traits .

People are talking about ;
The use of gene editing might alter our DNA and destroy our humanity.
The use of gene editing to improve traits like intelligence , beauty and ...
Altered DNA gets passed on to future generations, changing forever our ...

So Expat , Covid jab  or gene editing. ..... Take your pick.


#2 Mar 24, 2021 11:01 am


Re: Keep obsessing Covid Expat. ... Look to the Future. ...DNA

Not really, if my understanding is correct, and I am not going to pretend it is, the mRNA may will still ultimately have an impact on the genes, even though it is not a DNA vaccine. And I think you will find that even though they say the DNA in the Oxford and H&J vaccine has been killed, it is still fragmented, and may link with your own, so what ever came from that aborted babyback in the 1980's MIGHT cross into you... whether it means getting blue eyes a few generations from now, or a tendency towards bowel cancer.

Forget vaccines, with all the "improvements" we have made with technology in the past 200 years, we may well have made us the shortest lived species on Mother Earth. I am not suggesting the end of days in the next few months, but rather a steady decline over maybe 2 or 3 centuries. We have the air full of plastic, the sea full of plastics, the fish full of plastics. We are full of plastics which can be found with a micron scopy thingy.

Thats just one substance, never mind the mercury in Tuna, and Glyphosate in animals, and grains, and us.... We know its already in us, due to it being found in umbilical cords.

Humans are increasingly becoming less fertile, never mind the vaccine connection which may or may not be substantiated at some point. We were already having lower sperm counts, and more messed up sperm. If we were antelope we would be culling to stop a slow miserable death.


#3 Mar 25, 2021 4:34 pm


Re: Keep obsessing Covid Expat. ... Look to the Future. ...DNA

National Post :

It's natural to be skeptical , but vaccine Id's are here to stay -  - Get used to it .
.... if you are one of the lucky Canadians who has gotten the Covid 19 vaccine , you have a shinny new card stating  that you are officially among the vaccinated.
.. By mid-Summer , we can expect if you want to go to the movies , get a hair cut , grab a pint , businesses are going to start requiring you to ....


#4 Mar 25, 2021 9:22 pm


Re: Keep obsessing Covid Expat. ... Look to the Future. ...DNA

Yep, I am really going to worry about nipping into a shop to buy a pint of milk.

Not my projection, but it is along the lines of what I have already said.

Places like the UK where there has been a heavy vaccine take up, are already seeing a drop in cases.... Yayyyy the chorus from the back. I think much of that was already in the pipeline as the crest occured before any quantative vaccination had taken place but maybe some benefits are being felt.... there may also be a relitively long plateau for maybe 3 -6 months, but then the newer stronger strains will start to be felt, and dramatic though it may sound, you will have a much bigger spike of much more lethal cases where even unvaccinated peoples immunity will be greater challenged.

This is possibly visible via Belgium, where they have not vaccinated so heavily, and after a drop, are already seeing the rise.

The problem is as I said before, by keeping healthy people locked up you have made evolution cause varients that can transmit further stronger, so 6 feet (which was never enough) will become 7 feet or 10 feet for viral transmission, and having learned or leaked which ever way you want to put it, the mutated virus is going to be way way worse than it was before.

By accident ... I am not suggesting it was a deliberate plan to cull the human population as some extremists claim, but by jooking that ants nest and making multiple bad choices things are going to get very bad.

The only answers the "experts" will have is boosters... which won't work, and more lockdowns which do not work, and masks which do not work.

This is already proven to be happening via the measles vaccine which is failing, with D3 and D4 variants gaining strength and measles exploding onto the scene again. Not the unvaccinated, but the vaccinated making the virus jump hurdles, and get more tenacious.

I join all of you in hoping these predictions are junk, and that you will have the last laugh and I will be able to eat humble pie, but somehow I think the last laugh is going to be on the smug ones.

My suggestion, get yer Quercitin, yer VitD, VitC, Zinc, and Ivermectin close to hand, and self medicate if not prophelactically, at the first hint of infection, and hope for the best. Using a nebulizer with Hydrogen Peroxide is supposed to help limit viral load in your upper resperitory tract, also Iodine, but that is tricky stuff, so a mouthwash that has it in and gargle is a good none self mixing option. Listerine does not have iodine in it. odine although essential within the body, is very easy to overdose, so don't mix your own.

And after all that take the piss if you feel like it.  Really don't care. Well that's not true, it is extremely irritating to have people who only look at one side of a debate who bray like donkeys when they obviously have no balance to their comments. Ergo my previous statement that ceasing to post was high on my list of actions.

But I will stick it out a while longer as the smug ones are not the only audience.


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