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#1 Mar 29, 2021 5:24 pm

New Historian

Moussaka al Frisbee

In Sixth Form, for a lark I did a course in Continental Cooking, especially when I saw the teacher. It was fun learning to cook and once a week I’d take home a dish, although more often than not it never made it home. One day we cooked a Greek moussaka which did make it home, to rave reviews. A few months later Dad challenged me to repeat my culinary feat with the moussaka, a challenge I readily accepted for the following Sunday.

I opened the recipe book, assembled the ingredients and set to work, slaving away over a hot stove. Just before it was ready to go into the oven, the recipe said: “make a cheese sauce”. Huh? How do you make a cheese sauce? It didn’t say. I couldn’t go in failure and ask Joan, so I looked at the ingredients and figured out that a cheese sauce must have had three ingredients: cheese, egg and milk. But now what? When in doubt fling ‘em in a pot, so that’s what I did. At first all was going well, it gelled into a nice cheesy looking sauce. But then it continued to gel. And gel, eventually becoming one big ball of cheese, amidst the boiling milk. So I took that out, flattened it with a rolling pin and laid it on top the oven-ready moussaka. Job done.

Ten minutes later I set the table and summoned the family to Sunday dinner, courtesy of Chef Brian. I donned the gloves and brought the steaming hot dish of moussaka to the table, looking and smelling delicious. The cheese on top was nicely bubbling and brown in places, yum. It cooled while we enjoyed our first course, then I proudly picked up the serving spoon to scoop out a serving for Joan. Thud. Instead of being soft the surface of the moussaka was hard, like leather. No matter how I much attacked it with knife and spoon, the cheese “sauce” on top refused to yield, so I eventually had to lift it off wholesale, leaving the moussaka underneath in an unrecognizable mess! Didn’t taste too bad though, and afterwards you could play frisbee with the “cheese sauce”.


#2 Mar 30, 2021 7:13 am


Re: Moussaka al Frisbee



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